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Pamed Sanctuary

The Pamed Wildlife Sanctuary is an important wildlife reserve in Chhattisgarh. With an area of 262 sq km, it is placed in the Dantewada district in southern part of Chhattisgarh and the Sanctuary is close to the state border with Andhra Pradesh. Pamed Wildlife Sanctuary has some precious trees like Sal and teak. There are mixed forests creating a different aura about the place. The travellers who visit the place are fortunate to get a feel to the dense forests which create an enchanting atmosphere. In Pameda wildlife sanctuary deer can be easily sighted. Here you find the chital or the spotted deer, India Gazelle and the chinkara. Those who are interested in wildlife will never forget the images of the deer running all around the sanctuary like carefree creatures of nature.

Pamed Sanctuary Chhattisgarh

Gomarda Sanctuary

Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary (GWS) is one of the Wildlife Sanctuaries in Chhattisgarh and it is located near Sarangarh town in Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh. It is approximately 10 km away from Sarangarh town in Raigarh district and is a perfect tourist locale for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. A variety of exotic wildlife can be witnessed if one arrives at the Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary. The months of winter are said to be the most ideal time of paying visit to the sanctuary, particularly from November till June. Wild animals found in the sanctuary include leopard, wild dog, jackal, fox, bedi or predators such as wild cat, gaur, nilgai, Sambhar, chital, kotri.

Gomarda Sanctuary Chhattisgarh

Bhoramdeo Sanctuary

Bhoramdeo Wildlife Sanctuary also known as Bhoramdeo is located in Kabirdham district at a distance of 140 km from Raipur and is named after the famous Bhoramdeo temples. The best time to visit the Bhoramdeo Wildlife Sanctuary is between November and March and the town nearest to the sanctuary is that of Kawardha. The Sanctuary is 140 km from Raipur. You can travel to the Bhoramdeo Wildlife Sanctuary by roads from Kawardha which is again well connected to Raipur. The nearest airport is at Raipur.

Bhoramdeo Sanctuary Chhattisgarh

Bhairamgarh Wildlife

Bijapur is southernmost district of Chhattisgarh, is extracted from Large Bastar Division. This is rich with dense forest and Indravati River. It is situated 48 km from Bijapur. One of the prime attractions at Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is the wild buffalo. Hill Hynas can also be seen. The tigers and leopards are also available in this sanctuary; however, they are less in number. Chinkaras can be easily sighted so are the Indian Gazelle and Chital. They can be sighted from different parts of the sanctuary and for those who love adventure it is the place to be in. Some of the other species that are to be found at Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary are Nilgai, Sambar, Gaur, Barking Deer, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Jackal and striped hyena.

Bhairamgarh Wildlife Chhattisgarh

Tamor Pingla Sanctuary

Main wildlife attraction is Nilgai, Chital, Sambar, Chinkara, deer wild boars, foxes. The Tamor Pingla Wildlife Sanctuary which is located in the Surguja District is so called because of the 2 prominent features of this piece of land the Tamor Hill and the Pingala Nalla (stream). Bishrampur is the nearest railhead to the sanctuary. In the case of Tamor Pingla Wildlife Sanctuary too, Ambikapur makes a good halt for tourists who come to have a glimpse of the mixed wildlife of this sanctuary. Excellent time to explore the sanctuary and heat is from November to June.

Tamor Pingla Sanctuary Chhattisgarh

Semarsot Wildlife Sanctuary

The Semarsot Wildlife Sanctuary is near Semarsot on the Ambikapur-Daltonganj Road. To reach Semarsot by rail, you have to get down at the Jaynagar Railway Station which is the nearest to the place. The airport nearest to Semarsot is Varanasi. Tourists will find quality accommodation in the town of Ambikapur. The best time to visit the Semarsot Wildlife Sanctuary is from January to May, when you can spot herds of deer, like Nilgai, Chital, Sambar, Chinkara.

Semarsot Wildlife Sanctuary Chhattisgarh

Barnawapara Sanctuary

Barnawapara Wildlife sanctuary, is named after Bar and nawapara forest villages, which are in the heart of the sanctuary. It is a land mass of undulating terrain dotted with numerous low and high hillocks well forested area of North-eastern corner of Raipur district. The Tributaries of Mahanadi are the source of water. River Balam Delhi forms the western boundary and Jonk River forms the north-eastern boundary of the Sanctuary. The well stocked forests of the Sanctuary Classified as Teas sal and mixed forests. This sanctuary is famous for the frequent sighting of the Indian bison (Gaur) Cheetal, Sambhar, Neelgai, Wild boar are commonly seen.Bar-Nawapara boosts of over 150 species Birds.

Barnawapara Sanctuary Chhattisgarh

Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is a famous tourist attraction which is frequented by wildlife enthusiasts throughout the year. The wildlife sanctuary was established in 1974 under Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. This sanctuary sprawls over an area of 556 sq km and has an altitude ranging between 327 and 736 m above the sea level. It is named after Sitanadi River which originates from this sanctuary and joins Mahanadi River.

Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary Chhattisgarh

Badalkhol Sanctuary

Badalkhol sanctuary is located in Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh. Badalkhol Sanctuary is about 160 km north of Raigarh. It lies on the banks of Eib River and Dorki River and spreads over an area of 105 sq km. The sanctuary’s vegetation is dominated by Sal forests. It is home to panther, chital, wild bear, jungle cat, monkey, jackals, hyena, bear, wolf, fox, cobra, kraits, python, red spur fall, bhora teetar, kala teetar, tree pie, green pigeon and rollers. January to June is the best time to visit.

Badalkhol Sanctuary Chhattisgarh